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About Us


Come Join Us!

Having a track record of writing and performing great originals, the thriving three members of the band "Lucky You," fronted by native Michiganites Nick Williams (lead vox and guitar) and John Chewning (bass and guitar) alongside New York's Mike Lewis (drums), added New Jersey's world renowned Kenny Goldstone to form south Sarasota's most pungent cover band "Karate In The Garage." There is no genre of music they don't like and there is no era that don't respect.


What's With The Name?

We're glad you asked! Collectively the guys (alongside much of the comedy feature film watching public) are big Stepbrothers fans - so when Brennan Huff (played by Will Farrell) realizes that he has just become best friends with Dale Dobach (played by John C. Reilly), Brennan enthusiastically inquires "Do you want to go do Karate in the Garage?" So there you go...We're just some great friends trying to play some music and make people happy.


Always Something Going On

If we're not laughing (or giving each other dirty looks for missing a key harmony part), we often have special guests join us mid-set...people that are part of a musical ecosystem of the greater Nokomis area that bring tears to our musical eye ducts.


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